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Ultimate Pistol Pete Maravich Mix

This is it. The #1 Maravich Highlight Mix on the internet. Over 1.2 million views.

Pistol's greatest moves and shots from LSU and the NBA (Jazz, Hawks, Celtics).

Recommended by Dime Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Yahoo Video.

Ultimate COLLEGE Pistol Pete Maravich LSU Mix

Only clips of LSU in this 5 minute montage.

Also, for the first time, a synching of the Ole Miss radio call as Pete

sets the new NCAA scoring record (Jan. 31, 1970).

Rare Pete Maravich Commercials (Vitalis)

Three Vitalis Dry-Control spots.

This campaign was created in the early 1970’s after Pete signed with the Hawks.

Pistol Pete Maravich plays HORSE


(updated July 2015)


  1. *1970 Pete Maravich Rookie Debut vs. Bucs ABC Complete (1.5 hours)


  1. *1970 Pete (40 points) vs Knicks First game at MSG (b/w scouting footage)

  2. *Various audio 1973 Celtics-Hawks Playoffs

  3. *1980 Celtics vs Pistons starts with Bird, Cowens, and Archibald (10 min)

  4. *1984 Introduced as judge in Slam Dunk Contest (All Star Weekend) TNT


* 1967 LSU at Tenn. (Frosh Pete #24) highlights only: 2 minutes.

* 1968 LSU at Georgia (11 min. silent film - color)

* 1969 LSU vs Tennessee (35 min. silent film - b/w)

* 1969 LSU at UCLA (35 min. silent film - color)

* 1970 LSU vs Georgia (31 min. silent film - color)

* 1970 LSU at Kentucky (40 min. silent film - color)

* 1970 LSU at Ole Miss (21 min.- silent film - b/w)


  1. *1970 Pete Maravich NBA debut vs. Bucs ABC Complete (1.5 hours)

  2. *1970 Pete debut at MSG (40 points) vs Knicks (b/w scouting footage)

  3. *1970 Hawks at Suns - complete ABC w/ commercials (Pete: 28)

* 1973 NBA All Star Game ABC (w/ Nixon Speech) (8 pts/5 assit)


* 1975 Jazz at Buffalo (Toronto) 8mm Home Movie (7 Min. Pete 18)

* 1976 Jazz at Buffalo (10 min. Pete 24)

* 1977 Jazz at Buffalo (10 min. Pete 25)

* 1977 Jazz vs Knicks - complete WOR-TV New York (Pete: 68)

* 1977 NBA All-Star Game - 3/4 complete CBS (10 pts/3 ast.)

* 1978 HORSE (CBS) Pete faces Hawkins, Gervin, McAdoo, and Grevey

* 1978 Jazz vs Pistons - complete ESPN Classic (Pete: 30)

* 1978 Jazz vs Denver (10 min. Pete 24)

  1. *1978 Jazz vs Philadelphia (3 min. Pete 16)

  2. *1978 Jazz at Portland CBS Full broadcast with commercials. (2 hr.)

* 1978 Jazz at Lakers - complete WGNO-TV New Orleans (Pete: 19 pts)

* 1978 Jazz at Celtics - complete WGNO-TV New Orleans (Pete: 25)

* 1979 NBA All-Star Game - complete CBS (Pete: 10 (5 for 8))


  1. *1980 Celtics vs. Hawks (10 Min.)

  2. *1980 Celtics vs. Pistons (10 min)

* 1980 Celtics at 76ers (15 min.)

* 1980 Playoffs - Celtics at Rockets (10 min) USA Network

* 1980 Eastern Conference Finals (Pete off the bench/ CBS and USA cable)

Celtics vs. 76ers Game 1

Celtics vs. 76ers Game 2

Celtics vs. 76ers Game 3

Celtics vs. 76ers Game 4

Celtics vs. 76ers Game 5


(A series of exhibition games played among retired NBA players during All-Star weekend)

* 1984, '85, '86, '87 (ESPN and TBS)



* Vitalis Dry Control TV Commercials (1971) (:30 sec)

* Individual Offensive Techniques (1972) - short instructional film (Pro-Keds) with Lou Hudson and Ed McCauley demonstrating one-on-one moves. Several rare clips of Pete from 71-72 season. (14 min)

* Lakers at Warriors (5/1/77) CBS color commentary w/Bob Bender. (2 hr)

* Spurs at Bullets (4/23/78) CBS color commentary w/Frank Glieber. (2 hr)

* The Dick Cavett Show (1978) PBS complete. Pete and Dr. J. from the floor of the Superdome (30 min)

* Superstars ABC (1978) Short clip of Pete beating John Havlicek in bowling.

* "Scoring" Motion Picture (1979) Guest Star: Pete Maravich (85 min)


  1. Oudoor Life (w/ William Conrad) - 22 min. Pete goes deep sea fishing.

  2. Utah Jazz #7 Retirement Ceremony (1985) w/ Rick Barry (4 min)

  3. Kentucky at Georgia (1986) NBC Color Commentary w/ Bob Costas (2 hrs).

  4. Kentucky at Mississippi (1/28/87) USA Color Commentary w/ Bob Carpenter (90 min) 

  5. The 700 Club w/ Ben Kinchlow (1987) Interview (13 min).

  6. Billy Graham Crusade, Columbia, S.C. (1987) Speech in Stadium (9 min).

  7. Basketball Hall Of Fame Induction Video (1987 - 4 min)

  8. The Today Show (10/22/87) - Interview (10 min)

  9. Mazda's Sports Look with Roy Firestone (1987) Interview (20 min)

  10. Various obits from multiple sources (incl. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN)

  11. "A Shooting Star" 1988 Local New Orleans/religious (30 min)


* Inside The NBA (1991) - Court Vision segment (4 min)

* Inside the NBA (11/14/98) - Retrospect (4 min)


* Vintage NBA (8/31/00) - Robin Roberts host, Jason Kidd guest w/ clips of HORSE, Hawks, and Jazz. 1 hr.

* NBA Action (3/01) - Retrospect (5 min)

* ESPN Classic Sports Century: Top 50 and Beyond (3/13/01)

* Pistol Pete: The Life and Times of Pete Maravich (4/1/01) - Emmy Award winning CBS documentary that is considered the ultimate Maravich videography. Interviews with Jackie Maravich, Julius Erving, and many others plus lots of never-before-seen clips from Needham Broughton High, LSU, and NBA. Narrated by Harry Connick, Jr. (90 min)

* ESPN Sports Center (3/7/03) - "Sons of a Gun" Feature on Jaeson and Josh Maravich playing in their father's shadow. w/ Curry Kirkpatrick. (4 min)

* ESPN Classic "Who's #1?" Greatest Performances, 2004

* Fox Sports List: Top 10 College Players, 2004

* SpikeTV/S.I. Top College Basketball Players, 2004

* ESPN-U "HONOR ROLL" Greatest College Basketball Players, 2005

* ESPN Classic "Who's #1?" Greatest Nickname, 2006

* ESPN Classic "Who's #1?" Greatest College Basketball Player, 2007

* CBS Geigo Presents: The Top 10 NCAA Shooters, 2007

  1. *TNT Pistol Pete / Jim Huber Tribute, All Star Weekend New Orleans 2008

  2. *MSG Network Special: Pete Maravich at the Garden (1 hr.) 2009

Commercially available Maravich video/DVD:

- Great Moments in College Basketball (VHS)

- Maravich Memories: The LSU Years (VHS)

- Homework Basketball (Vol 1 thru 4) (VHS, DVD)

- Pistol: Birth Of A Legend (VHS -no clips, DVD)

- Red on Roundball (VHS)

- NBA Showmen (VHS, DVD)

- NBA At 50 (VHS, DVD)

- NBA's 100 Greatest Plays (VHS, DVD) 1998

- NBA Showmen 2000 (VHS, DVD)

- Ankle Breakers Vol. One (DVD) 2004

- Night of The Pistol (DVD) 2005

Maravich AUDIO

* 1968 LSU vs Auburn (RADIO)

* 1969 LSU at Kentucky (RADIO)

* 1970 LSU vs Ole Miss (3 min) Pete sets new scoring record. (RADIO)

* 1970 LSU vs Georgia (RADIO)

  1. *1972 Hawks at Knicks (RADIO)

  2. *1973 Various audio Celtics-Hawks Playoffs (RADIO)

* 1974 Jazz at Knicks - 1st Jazz game (RADIO)

* 1975 Jazz at Hawks (RADIO)

* 1975 Jazz at Bulls (RADIO)

* 1977 Jazz at Cavs (RADIO)

* 1977 Jazz vs San Antonio (Audio off CBS-TV)

* Song: Pistol Pete (The Ziggens) 2002

* Song: Ballad of Pete Maravich (Woody Jenkins) 1969

* Song: The Pistol And His Pop (Jimmy Cole) 1969

* Larry King Radio Interview 2/27/86 (40 min.)

* Focus On The Family (1989) - James Dobson remembers Pete and plays clips from his testimony and the eulogy Pete delivered at his Dad's funeral (50 min)

An array of amazing shots as Pete defeats George “Ice” Gervin, Bob McAdoo, and Kevin Grevey in this 1978 competition.

The authorized biography of Pistol Pete - written in collaboration with Jackie Maravich.

Over 400 pages. Plus Pete Maravich's 25 Greatest Games.

"A spectacular book. Incredible."

Bill Walton

“The definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich.”


The “essential” biography of Pete Maravich.

The New York Times

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2007 NPR interview


More info


Help us find footage. Many Pete Maravich fans (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Poland, France, etc.) have uncovered quite a few films/tapes of Pete in the past 10 years. Just recently we discovered pristine silent footage of at least 20 full NBA games (Hawks/Knicks, Hawks/Cavs, Jazz/Knicks, Jazz/Cavs). Plus some LSU college games at Vanderbilt and Texas.

The complete broadcast of Pete’s 1970 NBA debut became available in February 2013.

It’s amazing - things keep popping up. Be creative.

Hint: If you live in a town where Pete played either as a pro or in college there are usually local TV stations that have archives. Be persistent and polite - I’ve seen it work wonders.


1. Feb. 25, 1970 LSU vs. Kentucky (TVS)

This is it. Over 200 stations carried this Saturday afternoon telecast. It was all on display: the no-look passes, behind the back dribbling, and wild shooting. In his final home game at LSU the Pistol hit on 55% of his shots and finished with 64 points (Dan Issel got 51). (Silent scouting footage of the second half was released in 2007)

2. November 2nd, 1973 Atlanta at Houston (WTCG-TV)

The Hawks were trailing the home-town Rockets with three minutes remaining when Pete took over and hit seven consecutive baskets (from 29, 21, 23, 20, and 17 feet, plus two lay-ups) and added a free throw. Fifteen points in two minutes and fifteen seconds. The Hawks stunned the Rockets 125-123 in this game broadcast on WTCG-TV, Channel 17 in Atlanta.

3. HOMEWORK BASKETBALL * (NOTE: A copy surfaced in early 2011) *

Not the 4-part video series Pete produced in 1985 but the rare 16mm film he and his dad Press made back in 1967. I have spoken to several people who saw this film while attending Rick Barry's and John Wooden's basketball camps in the 1970’s.

4. Saturday, March 30, 1968 (CBS) EAST-WEST College All Star Game.

For the first time in college, Pete would play in a contest where dunking was legal and a shot-clock was utilized. In front of 14,500 fans at Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse (Indianapolis), Pete didn't fail to electrify. He began by hitting his first six attempts while his pinpoint passing and ball handling mesmerized the Hoosier crowd. Although hometown-legend Rick Mount led all scorers with 24 points (11 for 16) Pete chalked up 11 assists and took home the MVP trophy (Star of Stars).

5. Three-on-Three, April 30, 1978 (CBS)

Pete, Billy Cunningham, and LeVar Burton faced off against Rick Barry, Lenny Wilkens, and Kent McCord (Adam 12). Broadcast as a half-hour special.

Also Looking For....


Any of the 675 NBA games he started. Here’s a few examples....

A. Jan 23, 1972 

18 pounds underweight and recovering from mononucleosis Pete and the Hawks met defending NBA champions Bucs - who were riding an eleven game home win streak. Pete dropped 35 points and 14 assists on Oscar Robertson and led the Hawks to a 118-113 victory in front of an SRO crowd at Milwaukee Arena. Kareem Abdul-Jabber had 33 points for the losers.

B. March 18, 1977

With just 7 players (the rest of the team was in a car accident) the Jazz win in Phoenix behind Pete's 51 points.

C. Feb 8, 1975 Pete gets 47 and beats Atlanta (his old team). 1st Jazz road win.

D. April 8, 1973 Pete gets 37 (14 in 4th) to lead Hawks over Celtics in Playoffs (audio located in 2011)

E. March 18, 1980 Starting at guard for Boston, Pete (with rookie Larry Bird) gets 31pts. 7 ast. and leads Celtics over Pacers.


Pete played in 68 college games. At least 9 were televised (TVS's SEC Game of the Week). Examples:

A. Feb. 25, 1970. LSU vs. Kentucky (Pete 64, Issel 51) The "most wanted" broadcast by Maravich collectors throughout the world.

B. Feb. 1970 LSU at Alabama (Pete 69)

C. Dec. 30, 1968 LSU/Duquesne (Pete 53)


Games where Pete came off the bench or participated in an All-Star game.

A. 1977 NBA All Star Game (I am looking for the first quarter - I have the rest of the game)

B. 1974 NBA All-Star game (15 pts/4 ast.).

C. Mar 25, 1980  Pete, as a Celtic, gets 19 in 4th quarter in win over Bullets.

One-on-One,  Three-on-Three

1970's NBA promotions, This Week in the NBA, etc.

A. One-on-One 1972 (ABC) Pete lost to Bob Lanier.

B. 3-on-3 1978 (CBS)  April 30, 1978 (thanks to Dan Schafer for the date)

Pete, Billy Cunningham, and LeVar Burton faced off against Rick Barry, Lenny Wilkens, and Kent McCord (Adam 12).

C. Also I am very interested in NBA films. These were highlight films made by the league. Also individual teams had scouting films/tapes... where are they now?


I don't know the name but this film (produced by WNET-NY) covered Pete's first four months as a rookie with the Hawks.


They did five. I have three. Brystal-Myers.

Ad Agency: Young and Rubicam.


Syndicated weekly highlight show from NBA entertainment.

M.V.P (The Willis Reed Show)

A syndicated sports talk show (Roth Media) with Reed and Johnny Bench. I've seen a photo from this program with Pete, Bench, Reed, and Woody Allen. circa 1971.

Thanks again for dropping by.


This is an archive of Pete Maravich basketball games, highlights, television appearances, and radio broadcasts. I don't ever sell tapes (that's illegal - try ebay) but I will certainly trade with other fans and collectors.


(I’d love to hear from you)

I have edited the “best of the best” of the archive and posted them on YouTube.

Just click on image.